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M5P Presentation
Copenhagen Conservatory User Story
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Mark Isham User Story
Fred Mollin Touring Nashville w/ LYD 48
Fred Mollin User Story
Fred Mollin Upgrades to Core 59
Ben Zebelman User Story
Jason LaRocca User Story
How to Mix Vocals Article
Recording Vocals in a Home Studio Article
Acoustic Treatment for a Small Home Studio Article
How to Position Studio Monitors Article
How to Acoustically Treat Your Room with Everyday Items Article
How to Polish Your Pedcasts Article
The Art of EQ in Music Production Article
How to Master Loudness Article
Demystifying the Compressor Article
Bob Katz Installing M5P Evidence
Shlohmo User Story
Detroit Swindle User Story
Camea User Story
Roman Flügel User Story
LYD Is on the Floor
Bob Katz’ Ultimate Reference
3-Way Monitors | Midrange Focus
3 Motivation Drivers
Supporting A Piece of Music History
LYD 48 TEC Nomination


Lukas Graham Live Production User Story
Cnx Apocalyps User Story
The Royal Danish Academy of Music user Story (Ambisonics)
The Royal Danish Academy of Music user Story (Studio)
Blackburst Lydteknik / Frederik Rosenkjær User Story
David Bowles / Swineshead User Story
Headstart Records User Story
Riffx Studios / La Seine Musicale User Story
Berliner Synchron User Story
Goldcrest Post User Story
Dynaudio Unheard User Story
Dynaudio Unheard US-Edition User Story
Jean-Martial Golaz User Story
Craig Bauer user Story
Rotor Film User Story
Babelsberg Studio User Story
Tritone Studios User Story
The Village Recording User Story
Sound Generation User Story
NDR Broadcast User Story
DPA World Tour User Story
Tøjhuset User Story
My Urban Piano User Story
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Digital Audio – Your Guide to Handling Audio with Your iPhone
5 Simple Steps to Wash Your Lavalier Microphone


Automate Your Podcast Productions

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d&b GSL / Allround Lyd og Lys (in Danish)
Digital Audio Denmark Brand Presentation (in Danish)
Smukke tanker løsninger på Smukfest 2018 (in Danish)
Primeacoustic-løsning til Genelec (in Danish)
SSL’s L-Serie i fuld sving med Lukas Graham (in Danish)
Victory vælger SSL-Series (in Danish)
d&b audiotechnik KSL Lancering (in Danish)
Solid State Logic L350 / L550 Lancering (in Danish)