Whatever your marketing, communication or PR needs are, we can work together to find a scalable solution that is tailored to fit your strategy perfectly. Scalability could cover specific areas that you want to be handled, but you can also scale even further in terms of e.g. geographic focus.
These are the main areas that I can help you cover, regardless of whether you are looking for a comprehensive marketing solution, or simply want to outsource bits and pieces either on a continuous basis or simply during a peak period.


  • Copywriting (press releases, user stories, case studies, blog posts, product pages, company profile, white papers, brochures, ads, etc.)
  • Social Media (full management of SoMe channels or partial solution, helping you increase your amount of social posting and engagement)
  • PR (reviews, competitions, interviews, news coverage)
  • PR Distribution (segmented lists of contacts within: Guitar, Bass, Recording, Keys, Live, Install, Pro Audio & Broadcast)
  • Advertising (strategy, planning, negotiation, booking)
  • Handling (coordinate and/or distribute review units, ad IO, deadlines, artwork distribution, etc.)
  • Strategic Communication (strategy, message tailoring)
  • Analysis (per campaign efficiency, general web stats, traffic breakdown, region/market focus, etc.)
  • Website (design, implementation, maintenance)